Armageddon Expo 2011 Interview: David Hewlett


For the first time the Armageddon Expo headed to Adelaide, Australia bringing with them some big names and I was there, to bring you all the excitement! A great time was had, the guests were fantastic and they took some time out to have a chat with me over the weekend.

DavidHewlett-1Marcella Papandrea: Can you tell us about what you are currently working on?

David Hewlett: Yeah, I can sort of talk about stuff. I am narrating a show for SyFy right now, which is like 45 episodes. It’s a kind of fun reenactment type of show which I am not allowed to name because it hasn’t been announced yet. It’s some great cheesy fun, there’s some wonderful and terrible stories. It’s fun, I do a kind of Rodney McKay type of commentary on there (laughs). So I am doing that, and I am also doing some writing, directing and possibly acting in some stuff for them on the web.

MP: Sounds very cool.

DH: Oh yeah which again I am not really allowed to talk too much about. I did get told off the other day for talking too much (laughs). ‘Stop mentioning the you know what’! But basically those two things, and the usual actor in LA type of thing, auditions.

MP: I think we all understand that, we know the drill.

DH: I dunno there’s like a zombie movie I wanna do, but we’ll see.

MP: Yes it seems Hollywood’s kind of transitioning once again, we’ve had vampires so let’s go to zombies once again.

DH: Yes, the funny thing is that every so often Hollywood will suddenly rediscover a genre. And the reality is for some people it just never stops, and it just keeps going the whole time. It sort of works that way.

MP: You’ve had quite a memorable career, are there any roles or projects that stand out for you the most when you look back?

DH: I’ve just been so lucky, played so many different and odd little things. I just did kind of a fun part on Rise Of The Apes, the new Planet Of The Apes movie. It’s not a big part but just a fun, meaty little role.

MP: It has apes in it, it has got to be cool.

DH: Apparently, again they are so secretive about this stuff now. Like with movies now days, studios are so worried about stuff getting out. You know I would have thought any publicity is good publicity. But yeah they are really worried about keeping things quiet. And the funny thing is you go for an audition now you can usually guess what it’s about, but then you can go online and find out all the information you want about it anyway. That’s what you do, report the news so people can find out about the films.

MP: Oh yes indeed I do, and hopefully doing it well.

DH: I am sure you are. So yeah there’s that anyway, and you know I love doing Vincenzo’s stuff. You know with a Vincenzo Natali movie there’s always something really fun there. You know Cube was great, and I had some fun on Splice more recently.

MP: Amazing.

DH: It is, isn’t it?

MP: Loved it.

DH: Yeah, it’s another strange Vincenzo movie. And you know right now he’s working on Necromancer. Wait, you should know that!

MP: Yes I do, very excited about that too.

DH: Oh yeah, which should be like amazing. It’s like one of my favorite books of like all time. I am very jealous that he’s got that one. Well, as long as I am in it, I don’t care (laughs).

MP: Oh come on, call him up and give him a classic story of why you’re perfect for it.


DH: Oh yeah, I’ve known him since I was like fourteen, I’ve been there (laughs). You know I can like guilt him into something (laughs). But you know Vincenzo’s always fun. He is just a nice guy and I grew up with him, but he’s got such a unique perspective on his films. Like even if things sound familiar to what he’s doing he always has a different take on it, a different spin on it. And that’s how I got into acting by working with friends. It wasn’t even working it was having fun and playing with my friends. The joke always is that my holiday is always working, if that makes sense.

MP: Of course it does!

DH: Ha yeah, like being in a film or being on a show to me it’s more relaxing or a getaway than like life. Although now I got a kid, so that’s like a toss up of what’s more fun. But the kid is more work but it’s great (laughs).

MP: I’ve been informed you are the man to ask about embarrassing stories. The ‘Why am I doing this?’ type of thing. There’s always a moment of ‘this isn’t quite right’.

DH: (laughs) Yes there are a few of those things, yes there are those parts where you walk in (laughs) and go like ‘Oh my God I am so wrong for this’. You know, and here’s a funny one. With Dogs Breakfast I wrote this funny little scene where the guy climbs out of the building naked and lands in the mud outside. And then we go to shoot it and of course I realized … I’m that guy (laughs). I may have written it, and I had this fun time writing it. But then the reality is I am also the one whose gotta go and play that part. So then sudden you’re standing there going like ‘Who wrote this, why would you chose to do this yourself’. I’m lying naked on the frozen ground in Vancouver and you know like in January and my wife who was producing it was freaking out about not having children, you know the bits are like on the ground (laughs). And she’s like ‘You’ve got to heat the ground where the baby parts are’ (laughs) so yeah those are the kinds of things where you go like ‘Why are you doing this, why would you do this?’ (laughs) I am a believer that there are two types of people, those who look good naked and those who just look funny naked. And I’m in the funny department I think.

MP: So that was all your own doing.

DH: Yes, I got myself into that one (laughs), I have no one to blame but myself. So if you want to see me, naked in a funny way see Dogs Breakfast.

MP: You’ve got me sold (laughs).

DH: I guess that paid off then.

MP: David, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us.

DH: No worries, thank you very much, that was a pleasure indeed.

I’d like to thank David for taking the time out for this interview, it was a lot of fun. David always is such a great presence to have at Armageddon, he’s so nice, funny and entertaining. He had a packed panel on Sunday which became so epic that two other guests Colin Cunningham and Rainbow Sun Francks joined in. This really made the event feel so fan friendly, spontaneous and it was so much fun.

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