Armageddon Expo 2011 Interview: Colin Cunningham


For the first time the Armageddon Expo headed to Adelaide, Australia bringing with them some big names and I was there, to bring you all the excitement! A great time was had, the guests were fantastic and they took some time out to have a chat with me over the weekend.

CC-2Marcella Papandrea: Hello Colin, thanks for coming to have a chat with me.

Colin Cunningham: You’re welcome.

MP: So how has your day been here at Armageddon?

CC: Fantastic, I’m having a great day. I went out and had a couple of Aussie beers last night, that was lovely. Now I’ve shown up here, ready to go and enjoy the show, celebrate the day!

MP: That sounds awesome, how have the Adelaide people been treating you?

CC: Now that’s a riveting question! (Laughs) No it’s been great, people here are great, thank you.

MP: So Colin, can you tell us a little about the project you have up and coming this year?

CC: Yes, well Steven Spielberg has a new show coming out called Falling Skies. It’s got Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood and some other wonderful actors including myself. We’re really looking forward to it, it’s premiere’s in June. It’s basically like a War of the Worlds type TV show.

MP: Very, very nice.

CC: Yes, I am really looking forward to that coming out. So, yes June on TNT.

MP: I hope it comes out here in Australia this year too.

CC: Oh, I am sure it will.

MP: Is that the only upcoming project you have currently?

CC: Yes, well you know when it’s Spielberg, it is a pretty big deal (laughs). The one I’m most proud of yeah.

MP: If that’s the one you’re most proud of, what else have you done that comes close to it?

CC: Well you know working on Stargate was a lot of fun yeah, you know everything I’ve done has been a lot of fun. I’d have to back track through my resume to really get down to it.

MP: Nothing comes to mind right away?

CC: Well it’s the next one that’s the one to be proud of (laughs).

MP: Gotta love that answer.

CC: Yeah I know, but it’s true. You’re really proud and grateful for what you get.

MP: Always looking forward?

CC: Yeah exactly. Having fun while doing it too.


MP: Anything you’ve done that maybe you aren’t so proud of?

CC: (Laughs) Luckily those moments are few and far between. You know I’ve worked with a lot of great people, there are rough days but for the most part even a bad day on set is better than the best day of doing telephone sales which is what I used to do.

MP: As did I.

CC: See you know exactly what I’m talking about. And of course it’s a good thing.

MP: That’s pretty awesome, I am so glad to hear it, I like your attitude!

CC: Thank you so much. (Lance Henriksen approaches) Oh, look there’s Lance! Hey man!

Lance Henriksen: Hey guys, I was going out to sign but there’s no one there. It’s lunch time though, everyone’s gone to eat.

MP: Speaking of lunch Colin, I’ll let you go and grab some of that.

CC: Thank you so much, it was a pleasure to chat to you and remember Falling Skies. Falling Skies. Falling Skies!

I’d like to thank Colin for being a part of Armageddon and taking the time out for a chat. He made the Expo so much fun and it was a real pleasure to hang out with him.

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