Armageddon Expo 2011 Interview: Patricia Tallman


For the first time the Armageddon Expo headed to Adelaide, Australia bringing with them some big names and I was there, to bring you all the excitement! A great time was had, the guests were fantastic and they took some time out to have a chat with me over the weekend.

PatriciaTallman1Marcella Papandrea: Hello Patricia, thanks for coming to have a chat with me.

Patricia Tallman: Thank you so much as well.

MP: How are you, how are you enjoying the day here at Armageddon so far?

PT: I love it, I’ve been so happy to be here in Australia. I am having a fabulous time.

MP: When you got contacted for the event were you excited to come down?

PT: Yes! I have tried to get down here a few times but it didn’t work out and this time it all came together. This was meant to be!

MP: Being from Adelaide originally …

PT: You are? This must be great for you to see the Expo has finally come here then?

MP: Yes I am, I think everyone is really happy to have it here. I know a lot of people from Adelaide travel around to see Armageddon when the time comes. Nice to have it in the home town.

PT: Yes, it’s nice for Adelaide, its fantastic. It’s so beautiful here and so far there’s been a really nice turn out. Oh have you seen any of the wrestling yet?

MP: Not this time, I have seen it all at every other Convention it always gets a huge turn out (laughs).

PT: (laughs) Yes it’s pretty fun they have that here. They’ve made it a total family event. At the last one we had like bumper cars, it was great. They really do have a lot of stuff to do it is very cool.

MP: Can you tell us about what you have been up to, what you have been working on lately?

PT: Oh yeah, I just finished a film called Dead Air, that was a lot of fun. It is a horror film, with a bit of a zombie flavour to it.

MP: I’m so there, you said horror and zombie!

PT: Fantastic, I think it has some great stuff that fans like yourself will enjoy. We are selling the DVD here and it is available on Amazon. It has been getting great reviews, so please check it out if you get the chance. Corbin Bernsen directed it too.

MP: Do you have any highlights when you look back over your career?

PT: Oh yeah. These might be fan favourites too, but Night Of The Living Dead was a great experience, it was really wonderful. Working with a lot of people that I already knew, it was very much a family feeling. Everyone was very happy for me because it was my first leading role in a film. So that was pretty exceptional. And then working on Babylon 5, to be on a series for that long and have such incredible writing and an incredible concept. Everybody involved was just fantastic, the actors and the crew it was so fantastic. So those were definite highlights, even though you know those are also fan favourites (laughs). I also had a good time working on all the Star Treks, I was part of the so called stunt team, and part of the stunt regulars on those shows. Dennis Madalone was the stunt co-coordinator and he’d bring us in whenever it was appropriate and that was a lot of fun, we did a lot of work together. Not quite as awesome as Babylon 5 but nothing can quite top that (laughs).

MP: I think Babylon 5 came out at the right time for sci-fi, with Star Trek kind of being the frontier series for the genre. Babylon 5 I think helped shape the standard of things to come.

PT: Yes. I think you are spot on with that, you’re right. It was one of those times where I read the script, loved it and then I didn’t think I’d get it. I thought they’d go with some big star or something (laughs). You know I also did enjoy working on Jurassic Park too, we didn’t really know what we were working on. We hadn’t seen the effects, the effects hadn’t really existed yet, so we had no idea (laughs). So when we saw the final product, we all sat in the audience and it was just like ‘Wow’.

MP: Yes for me seeing that film at the cinema was one of the best moments, I sat there wide eyed.

PT: Yes I know, it’s like the first time you saw Star Wars. I am sure you remember the first time you saw that.

MP: Yes of course!

PT: See I’m old enough that I saw Star Wars, the first Star Wars in the movie theaters. I stood in line with my little brother, he and his friends wanted to see it too so I drove. And I stood in line with him for 45 minutes, which at the time was just unheard of. You know like standing in line for a movie at that time, like any length of time no body did that. The fact that we did that was like beyond geeky. But I remember sitting in the audience, which was packed, and they had this new thing called surround sound. It was a new thing then and we were like whatever (laughs). Then the music started and it was all around us, and no body has experienced this before, and then the ship goes over head and it was like the coolest thing ever.

MP: Yes, Jurassic Park was really like the Star Wars of that time, there is no comparison.

PT: Yeah and there are some films you just have to see in the theater. Like Avatar, that’s the first thing I can think of more recently over the past 10 or so years that was as astonishing as that first moment with Star Wars. And (laughs) I wasn’t in Avatar, but going back yes Jurassic Park would probably have been the most astonishing thing I have seen that I was apart of.

MP: How about Army of Darkness, what was that experience like?

PT: Army of Darkness was fun, it was also really hard, it was really hard work. It had very little money, it was not a big budget production. The make-up affects were really extensive, I had to wear very uncomfortable make-up for long periods of time. But it was fun seeing it, that was one of those films where you see it and go ‘Ahh okay, I get it’ (laughs).

MP: It is such a fun film to watch and every time I watch it in the back of my mind I am thinking about how much work went into it all.

PT: Yeah it really was, and you know watching Bruce Campbell is so much fun, he’s so great. It’s good to see him do his thing, he’s so talented.PatriciaTallman2

MP: I doubt there would have been an Evil Dead series without him.

PT: Exactly, you know it was created around Bruce, you know Sam and he are really good friends. Sam knew exactly what he was doing with Bruce and the films, he knew how to create this around Bruce.

MP: Did you have any other projects you were able to tell us about?

PT: Oh yes, I am working on a project with Joe Straczynski who created Babylon 5, and I am very excited about that, it is going to be amazing. I can’t talk about what it is just yet but as soon as I can I’ll be telling everyone about it.

MP: Thank you so much Patricia it was a pleasure to chat to you.

PT: Thank you it was a pleasure, and you can all find me on Facebook and Twitter, I’d love to hear from you.

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