10 Scenes Which Always Make Me Cry

** Possible Spoilers Ahead **
1. Gordie and Chris say good-bye and the image of Chris disappears – Stand By Me
2. Artax drowns in the swamp of sadness – Neverending Story
3. Selma and Jeff sing ‘I have seen it all’ – Dancer In The Dark
4. John Merrick decides to lay down in his bed – The Elephant Man
5. The last match – The Wrestler
6. Simba’s father dies – The Lion King
7. Derek sees whats happened to Danny in the bathroom at school – American History X
8. Sirius Black’s demise (I hate you Bellatrix!) – Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix
9. Caroline listens to Adam’s records – Untamed Heart
10. The scenes where The King abused Bobby – Radio Flyer
HonorableMention: Toy Story 3

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