Super Podcast Ep 48 – Marcey really doesn’t like Twilight

Download HERE [Running Time: 01:25:34m]
Welcome to Episode 48 of the Super Podcast, this is the episode where co-host Super Marcey really let’s you know what she thinks of Twilight! Of course she is joined by co-host Bede Jermyn (the Terrible Australian), and guests Pat Torfe and Nick Bosworth. As usually, when the Australian’s and Candian’s are all together, the show is slightly insane.

Highlights Include:
* Pat tells us about his Troll 2 experience, having reviewed the blu-ray for the DVD Pub at AITH.
* Marcey goes crazy over how awful the latest Twilight film is.
* Nick see’s The Last Airbender, the results are not good.
* Argument’s over Mark Wahlberg’s acting ability run wild, so much to the point that Mark and Donnie get mixed up.
* We love The Social Network.
* Bede witnesses some awesome Kurt Russell action, much to Marcey’s delight.
* And much, much, more!

Bede and Marcey would like to extend a big thank you to Nick and Pat for taking the time out to guest on the podcast.
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