Super Podcast Ep 47 – Films From Our Childhood

Download HERE [Running Time: 01:19:27ms]
Welcome to Episode 47 of the Super Podcast, this installment sees a bit of a different topic for a change. We decided to go back to our early days in life and discuss the films from our childhood, and how they differ to the films offered to kids today. On board as usual are your co-hosts Super Marcey and Bede Jermyn (Terrible Australian), along with Nick Bosworth (MovieHotties) and debuting on the show Doug Shill (Dizzy Doug TV).

Highlights Include:
* Before we get into the topic, Doug brings up a YouTube viral video, which you can check out HERE and HERE. Not telling what it is haha!
* Disney films are first up, as Marcey discusses watching the Princess films as a child.
* Doug mentions he watched a lot of Chuck Norris films, can’t go wrong with that.
* Nick brings up an awesome baseball film, starring James Earl Jones.
* Steven Spielberg is up for discussion with classics such Indiana Jones, E.T. and Jurassic Park.
* Marcey becomes obsessed with Ghoulies, and the fact they are in the toilet.
* Bede tells us a funny story, involving Home Alone.
* Much, Much, More!
Bede and Marcey would like to extend a big thank you to Nick and Doug for taking the time out to guest on the podcast.
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