Super Podcast Ep 43 – The Zombie Edition

Download HERE [Running Time: 01:37:04m]
Welcome to the Zombie Edition of Super Podcast, when there’s no more room in hell the dead will walk the Earth! Yes it is that time of year again, October to be exact and with Halloween around the corner, we thought we would delve into the world of the undead. Super Podcast features your trusty hosts Super Marcey and Terrible Australian Bede, as well as two returning guests. Making his Super Podcast come back (first seen in the Avatar episode), John D’Agnese from Veracity Nation. And fresh from falling asleep on us, the man with a 1000 names Nick Bosworth from Movie Hotties. So what does this episode hold in store for you? Read on …

Highlights Include:
* We each go around and pick out zombie films which stick out to us.
* As I like the horror comedy approach, John gets into more serious terrority with the scientific elements.
* Nick picks a few films which have some pretty awesome titles.
* We all go over the original Romero Trilogy, as well as Land Of The Dead which Bede loved and Nick hated.
* And much, much, more.
Thanks to our guests for joining us, it was a real pleasure and a great discussion.
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