Spotlight On – Jeremy Renner Part 3 (House, Senior Trip & Love Comes To The Executioner)

Spotlight On – Jeremy Renner

Part 3: House, Senior Trip & Love Comes To The Executioner

Spotlight On Jeremy Renner continues, as I take a look at some of his more comedic roles, including a guest appearance on a TV show.
House is one of my favourite TV shows, I have seen every episode, and it so happens the episodes that Jeremy Renner starred in is one of my favourites too. I saw this episode before I really was aware of Renner (pre The Hurt Locker), and I thought he was just a riot in the episode. As most guest stars on House, he plays a patient for House and his team to diagnose what’s wrong and cure him. His character is in a band, and he has some bad habits, which he can’t help but continue doing in hospital despite being told not to. I remember thinking this guy is such an idiot, but there was something about him I liked. He does such a great job, and he has some great comedic timing, there is one scene where he says it all with one look. I would highly recommend this episode, he is excellent and over all this was a fantastic episode of House. (Season 4, Episode  9 – Games.)

National Lampoon’s Senior Trip marks Jeremy’s film debut, way back in 1995! I only just saw this film recently, after it had been recommend by a friend of mine. This film is really silly but it is also a lot of fun, I’ll tell ya this, the 14 year old in me had a blast! Jeremy plays one of the main characters Mark ‘Dags’ D’Agastino, one of the many in the senior class. Right away I knew the 14 year old Marcey would have fallen head over heels for him (you know if I watched this when I was 14, and I wish that I had). He had that cute bad boy look, the insane attitude, what wasn’t to like? I think this film was something he could let loose in, be funny and have fun. He was a blast in the role, I thought he was great and he was actually really convincing. This film quite surprised me, I expected something that I probably wouldn’t enjoy and I wasn’t sure what to expect with such a young Jeremy. But it did deliver and a lot was thanks to him and his performance, he can do comedy quite well. This is worth a look, if anything, see where it all began for him!

Love Comes To The Executioner was one of the strangest films I have seen, but I really liked it. Jeremy is a supporting character in this film, as the brother of the main character. He plays Chick who is on death row, and while all this should be sad and depressing, this film is a black comedy. He works off his co-stars so well, it was obvious while watching this, that he was having a great time. Again his comedic timing was fantastic, and the way he played off Jonathan Tucker (who played his brother) was priceless, I really would love to see these two work together again. His character isn’t supposed to be likable, he’s a cold blooded killer, who wont take responsibly for his crimes. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the things he does in this, he just worked it so well. I can’t imagine any other actor being able to pull this role off as well as he did. I said in my review of the film: “Jeremy Renner was fantastic, and with Ebersole was the stand out here. Chick is one crazy man, and not a very nice one either. I loved how well Renner and Tucker played off each other as rival brothers. Chick acts as if he has done nothing wrong, and blames his crimes on his brother. Renner clearly had a lot of fun with this character, and I just loved the scene where he sings American Pie. He continues to impress me, and I really would love to see those two in a film together again.” Not something I think everyone would like but if you want to see Jeremy in a very different role, definitely check this out.
Senior Trip Trailer
Love Comes To The Executioner Trailer

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