Super Podcast 40th Episode

Download HERE [Running Time: 01:54:09m]
Welcome to the 40th Episode of Super Podcast! To celebrate this small milestone, I am joined by some special guests and podcast regulars Bede Jermyn (Terrible Australian), Pat Torfe (AITH’s DVD Pub Critic) and Nick Bosworth (MovieHotties). We did not really have a specific topic for the podcast, so craziness ensues. We might as well call it Australia vs. Canada!

Highlights Include:
* I some how manage to spend almost 10 minutes introducing the podcast and the guests, and briefly talk about my trip.
* We discuss films we have seen recently which include: Machete, The Last Exorcism, Ponyo, Princess Mononoke, Meat Grinder, Sea of Dust, Robin Hood and The American.
* Some how we manage to keep going off topic with our film talk, listen how a discussion of Robin Hood goes to Jeremy Davies character from Saving Private Ryan.
* Also up for discussion are films which are coming out in the next few months including: The Town, Let Me In, Tron, Never Let Me Go, The Social Network, My Soul To Take and Unstoppable to name a few.
* Some where in there is a discussion about Ridley and Tony Scott.
* And of course, MUCH, MUCH, MORE!

I’d like to thank my guests for joining me for the show, even though the two Canadian’s did an amazing job at going off topic (hehehe), You can find us all on twitter – Marcey @SuperMarcey, Bede @BedeJermyn, Pat @PatTorfe and Nick @nick_bozzy. You can also drop me a line at with any suggestions and feedback ect.
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