The Crazies (2010)

Another horror remake, which is the trend in this day and age, however The Crazies is actually pretty decent. I have not seen Romero’s original film, so I cannot compare the two films. I was really looking forward to this film, the trailers were solid and the reviews were a mixed bag. I love the genre and I do like to give everything a try, and this film does feature the talents of Timothy Olyphant and Australian actress Radha Mitchell (She is becoming a staple in the genre and I like that, it needs good actresses like her). The story isn’t altogether original (forget the fact it is a remake) we have had quite the fair share of films which feature a virus of sorts infecting people in awful ways in the last decade. The Crazies does have a different feel to it, we see these events unfold in a small town in Iowa. People are slowly starting to go crazy, we have hints as to what it might be. All gets revealed as the film goes on, and I have to say it all unfolds in a good way.
This film is a little bit on the slow burn side, which is fine by me, it really worked for this film. We get to know this little town and our main characters, as soon as we start to care, everything bad starts to happen. Timothy Olyphant is a great actor, he works well here and he is likable as the local Sheriff. The relationship between him and his wife Judy (Mitchell) works quite well, I really cared for them. The other two stand outs were Joe Anderson as Deputy Clank and along for the ride Danielle Panabaker as Becca. I think these four made this film work, in such a way you really dread what might happen to them.
On the horror side, the story itself is quite good. This is a horrific situation, and I for one would hate to be in those characters shoes. The gore effects are quite well done, they aren’t over the top which really worked well. The film has this washed out feel to it, gritty and dirty, which felt more so as the film went on and the situation becomes more dire. Breck Eisner did a fine job with the film, I think it does work on so many levels.  Some great music in the film, which did help with the flow for the most part. My only real problems were pacing, yes it is a slow burn film but at times it didn’t need to be. There were a few scenes which really didn’t work (I won’t reveal them as that would be spoiling the film), and there were a few times I was left a little confused. The film is something I would recommend, especially to horror fans. I did prefer the similar themed film Carriers a little more, however that film had a bit more character development.

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