[Review] The A-Team (2010)

Pop-corn film, no brainer, good time, blockbuster, these are all words which describe The A-Team. When you are told not to take a film seriously, this is the prime example of that. The A-Team is over the top, action packed and silly stuff, and you know when you are in the mood for that kind of film The A-Team really does deliver. It takes elements from the original TV series and gives it a modern edge while still keeping an 80’s vibe to it.

The same cast of characters are present with Hannibal (Liam Neeson), Face (Bradley Cooper), B.A. Baracus (Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson) and Murdock (Sharlto Copley), and the film starts off introducing them all to us and how they came to know each other. Fast forward several years and we see them get framed, the prime suspect being Pike (Brian Bloom) and his crew. They get sent off the books to recover plates for printing money by Lynch (Patrick Wilson). Their superior gets killed, and this is where the frame job comes in. They all get sentenced to different prisons, and Lynch decides to break out Hannibal to make things right. Craziness and more craziness comes about, and Jessican Biel looking drop dead gorgeous shows up from time to time as the ex of Face.

All these guys clearly had a blast doing this film, and it really shows. Great chemistry with the team, more focus on the relationship between Hannibal and Face, nothing wrong there though as they are great characters. Murdock was my favourite and I wanted more of him, Sharlto Copley is fantastic in the role. I want to see him in more films! Rampage made a rather good B.A. and the stuff between him and Murdock was good, I especially loved the airport scene towards the end. It really is a lot of fun spending time with these guys, and Patrick Wilson made a good mysterious agent. Jessica Biel aside from being eye candy actually does a good job as the woman out to find the team. The back and forth between her and Cooper was actually really good, they made for a nice couple.

The action is over the top and silly and for the most part I didn’t have a problem with it. The plot tried to have some twists, but if you do pay a bit of attention you’ll see them coming a mile a way. I enjoyed the way they would plan out something and it would cut between that and them actually doing the mission at hand. It added that extra element to those scenes and they worked better because of it. The film looked great, it was lit up so well and they used their locations in such a great way.

The action is exciting, I didn’t really feel it was ever boring that’s for sure. The A-Team is easily something I could watch again and still have a good time, although tempting to just watch Copley’s scenes. This is certainly a film for those who love their action films, I would say fans of the 80’s show as well as long as you’re willing to let go and experience something different.


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