Never Sleep Again

Never Sleep Again – The Elm Street Legacy is a documentary which covers the entire series of A Nightmare On Elm Street including the TV series (And excluding the remake). This is a 4 hour documentary, and rightfully so as they have a lot of ground to cover. I am a huge fan of the series, and I was beaming with anticipation for this doco. It felt like it was made by fans, for the fans and they made a real effort to get as many people as possible on board for this one.
A Nightmare On Elm Street segment:
We first have an awesome opening credit sequence and we jump straight into talking about the first film. We find out all sorts of interesting things from Wes Craven’s influences (I’d love to read those newspaper articles he read about the boy who died in his sleep), casting the film and finance. Just about everyone involved in the film talks about (Absent is Johnny Depp), and they all have interesting things to say about their experiences on this film.
Freddy’s Revenge segment:
It is no secret that this film is one of my all time guilty pleasures, and it is a film which contains a lot of homosexual undertones. We hear from it’s star the lovely Mark Patton (He is openly gay but at the time of filming he hadn’t come out yet), he openly talks about the homosexual elements and what he thinks about them. I love the fact that he calls himself possibly the first male Scream Queen. It is so funny to hear the director talk about how he didn’t realize some of the things they were actually doing. The screenwriter however knew exactly what he was doing! This is a must see segment, and check out the gorgeous woman who played Lisa, she looks fantastic now.
Dream Warrior’s segment:
This was a fantastic entry into the series and it is great to hear from the cast (No Patricia Arquette), and the ideas behind this film. I liked the fact that with every segment just about we see the different Freddy make-up and the ideas behind some of the kills. This one especially had some inventive kills, and it’s cool to see how they went about them. Pretty awesome when even get to hear from the lady who played the Nurse who showed her boobs! I think she definitely made boys into men with that scene, it certainly is a memorable one. Of course this film came with a memorable song, and Doken actually speak about it, very cool!
Dream Master segment:
I really found this one to be rather interesting, from Patricia Arquette’s character having to be re-cast to how Renny Harlin got hired. Lisa Wilcox who played Alice in this and the next film looks stunning, and she was very interesting to hear from. Tuesday Knight was hilarious with her Renny impersonations, and about some of the disagreements they had. Renny himself talks about his ideas for the film, and why he had Freddy coming back by a dog pissing on him.
The Dream Child segment:
The idea I got from this film was that it was a rushed mess with some really awful ideas behind it. They admit that it was rushed, as the cast and director are quite honest with their experiences. They also talk about the problems they had with the censors and some of the scenes with the film. They show you the edited and unedited scenes next to each other so you can see the difference. I found the opinions here to be very interesting, a good insight into how things can go wrong when you rush them.
Freddy’s Dead The Final Nightmare segment:
Easily the worst of the series, but this is something they don’t actually mention, which was disappointing. They talk about this film as if it was actually good, and it really isn’t. Most of the cast speak about their experiences with it (including Alice Cooper), and the director seems pleased with the film for some odd reason. They talk about ending the films series here and how they actually had a funeral for Freddy.
Wes Craven’s New Nightmare:
Well Freddy isn’t actually dead, and Wes talks about reviving the series and what gave him the idea for this. Heather (Nancy) ha some interesting things to say about this film and what it meant for her. It is really interesting to hear from the guy who played the kid, and what it was like for him working on this film. Robert Englund speaks in all the segments, and as always he has interesting stories to tell.
Freddy vs. Jason
The coming together of the two biggest horror icons, this segment is really good. I have no idea what happens to it’s star Monica Keena’s face, just try and not look at her when she is on screen. Ronny Yu who wasn’t really a fan talks about why he took the role of director and what the experience was like for him. They mention the other possibilities of who Freddy could go against next.
Freddy’s Nightmares segment:
This was a short lived TV show, which was hosted by Freddy. I remember it used to show here at Midnight and as a kid I thought perhaps it was scary. But seeing the footage now, it isn’t, however it looks like it’ll be a fun watch and having gone back and watched the pilot it isn’t all that bad. They talk about the challenges they had with the TV censors, and how they just had free reign to do what they wanted. You’d be surprised to hear about what directors and actors worked on this show.
Over all this is a really informative doco for a great film series. It is fun, funny and a joy to watch and listen to all these people. If only the Jason doco was this good. This should be a guiding point for future film makers who want to make a good documentary about a film or film series.

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  1. It is so hard to fathom that the multitude of talent that Mr. Johnny Depp portrayed in their movies throughout his prominent acting career especially with a movie like Edward Scissor Hands. Stellar work Depp!


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