Here it is folks, a proper sequel to Predator and Predator 2, one which ignores the two AvP films (thank goodness). Predators is exactly what I wanted with a sequel, it was in my opinion a bad ass film, which is something that was sorely missing from AvP. Predators is much like the original, however rather than a group of commando’s going out into the jungle for a mission and coming across Predator, this film finds a random group of people in the jungle but this jungle is on another planet. They soon discover this planet is actually a game reserve and they are the prey. What was interesting about this group of random people, they are all predator’s themselves in a sense. In that respect, they make perfect prey for the Predators, not going to be an easy task to find and kill them.
I loved the original cast of Predator, with Arnie leading the group. This film took a somewhat different approach casting Adrien Brody as the main guy. Now Adrien Brody isn’t exactly the guy you’d think they would cast, he isn’t a big built up guy, he hasn’t really done action films. Yet, in the first few minutes of this film I knew he was the perfect choice. The man clearly hit the gym and got in shape, he was ripped. A few tweeks to his voice, and he came off as a bad ass, and you’re main guy needed to be a bad ass and a believable one, which he was. Of course you need the token female, and we get Alice Braga, and she was another fantastic choice and also bad ass. She kind of reminded me of the Michelle Rodriguez type, tough as nails but incredibly good to look at. She had a great spark with Brody, and they were definitely two great characters. We also get Danny Trejo in a small role and I do wish we had more of him because he is always awesome, his character seemed pretty cool. The comic relief was provided by the always great Walton Goggins (Shane from The Shield), I felt we had a good amount of time with him and had some very memorable scenes. Oleg Taktarov was probably the worst actor of the bunch but his character at least was some what interesting and he did have some good scenes as well. Now it is no secret I do not like Topher Grace, however I will give credit where credit is due and he was actually good in this, and he was not annoying. I actually wanted to see more from his character, as he has a few twists. If only he had delivered like he did here in Spiderman 3, oh well nothing can be done about that now. Laurence Fishbourne does show up, and he does a fine job. Rumor has it his character was meant to be Danny Glover’s from Predator 2 and that would have been interesting. Louis Ozawa Changchien our Yakuza member was silent for most of his role, but once he was unleashed it made for a very awesome scene and one I wished had gone on longer. And the man with a very long name Mahershalalhashbaz Ali was good as well, he shared some good scenes with Walton. All up a great cast and some interesting characters.
The jungle setting is great, it looked really awesome, and certainly a place I wouldn’t want to be. A much different jungle than the Predator one, including a fantastic scene when they realise they aren’t on Earth. The Predators themselves I thought looked awesome, they had some really awesome face helmets. Each Predator had a different mask (which we saw in Predator 2), and you could distinguish the different ones. They introduced a few things about the Predators which I thought was good, I guess everyone will have their own feelings on it, but I did like it. It was also awesome to see the Predators played by people, not CGI-ed. That really worked well and it was a strong point for the film. I didn’t mind the introduction of the Predators having hunting dog types, it made perfect sense and they looked pretty cool as well. We see that the Predators bring in other species to the planet, but the film focuses on the humans as it should. Over all I felt this was a strong film, good action, some blood, good characters and a decent story. This film clearly modeled itself off Predator, it uses a formula which they know works, and why not? You’ll be able to spot the references to previous films, which I didn’t have a problem with at all. I had a good time, and this blows AvP right out of the water, forget that and watch this.

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