A Nightmare On Elm Street (remake)

To be perfectly honest, the more I think about this film the more I actually hate it. I did a podcast on it and I do think I was probably too kind to this film. At first I gave it a 2.5/5 but I feel I need to change that to 1.5/5 because it really is horrible actually. Why was I so kind to this film? I have no idea, it actually is rather stupid and a slap in the face to the original. Sure the Elm Street series has some shockers in it (I am looking at you Part 6) but by that time the series had turned into campy comedy, and this remake has no real excuse.
I was one of the people who was excited for the remake, I thought it had potential and I was looking forward to it. I liked the casting of Freddy Krueger with Jackie Earle Haley and it seemed like they had a solid young cast too. But then the negative reviews came in, saying worst film of all time (and it isn’t, not by a long shot, not when pieces of turds like Glitter, Batman & Robin and Doom exist) but it still is not good. It actually ends up being rather stupid, when I can see they were trying something different and inventive but it really failed miserably.
The lead Nancy played by Rooney Mara is quite possibly one of the most boring leads in recent memory, seriously girl get a personality! She was hopeless and pathetic, could not related to her AT ALL! The more interesting female character was Kris played by Katie Cassidy, now she should have been the lead. Not only did she have actual personality but her story seemed a lot more interesting. She played the Tina part, so you can guess what happens. The male cast did not really fare much better, I usually really like Thomas Dekker and Kyle Gallner but they seemed wasted and just not that good. The beginning of the film actually was rather good, it has a gruesome death scene and you figure the film would go in this direction, sadly it does not. For his short appearance Kellan Lutz was good, and yes he plays a Cullen in the Twi-films. Now Freddy was actually a bit creepy in this, Jackie does a good job with what he is given. However everytime he opened his mouth I couldn’t help but think of Rorschach, the voice and the way he spoke was so much the same. The Freddy make up was quite well done, as they really wanted to go more for burn victim.
The micro-naps part of this film were so stupid, and it was done in such a damn stupid way. These teens right are meant to stay awake, yet they were always asleep. You’d think they would do a better job of trying to stay awake considering they would get murdered if they fell asleep. It was very pathetic, but apparently they managed to stay awake so long (which they actually didn’t, hello massive plot hole) they were would get micro-naps where you apparently can just fall asleep for a short amount of time. Don’t get me started on how stupid this ended up being, what a dumb plot device. I mean falling asleep while swimming in a race? Ummm … yeah I don’t f-word think so man! Add in the element that Freddy might have been innocent and oh he isn’t a killer just a child molester. Well it made no sense as to why he would want to kill the grown up children who were his victims, why not go after the parents who killed him? Yeah it hurts the parents if their kids were killed but it would make more sense to haunt the parents the way they set this film up. I will say this the film did look good, you could see it had a decent budget behind it, and there were some cool visuals but over all this film really is an epic fail.

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