Super Podcast Ep 32: Best of the Worst w/Bede, Nick, Matches & Jekupka

Download HERE [Running Time: 01:43:00m]
Welcome to Episode 32 of Super Podcast, and what an episode filled with mayhem it is! I decided to ask not only 1 guest, but 4 of them! And of course, these 4 guys are a bunch of crazy cats like me. Joining once again is Bede Jermyn our Terrible Australian (Terror Australis) and Nick Bosworth (Elder Predator) our good friend from The two other guests are good friends to the podcast, fellow podcasters from Racks, Reels, Records and Rants Matches Malone & Jekupka. Now Matches has been on the show before, but Jekupka has not so we break his cherry! The topic up for discussion is films that are so bad they are awesome, we pick our best ones.

Highlights Include:
  • Jekupka and I both chose films which feature the Corey’s and Nick picks a Dennis Hopper film.
  • Matches introduces us to what sounds like an epic film with Crippled Masters and one called Even Dwarfs Started Small.
  • Bede brings up a favourite of the podcast with Troll 2, and Nick talks Maximum Overdrive.
  • I pick an Ed Wood film but it isn’t the one you might be thinking and also a film featuring lots of female nudity.
  • Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo show up in a few of the picks.
  • Jesus Christ, vampires, freaks, Chuck Norris and The Phantom also show up, no one is safe!
  • And much, much, much, much more!

Well I hope the listening audience enjoys the craziness of this podcast and I’d like to thank all my guests for joining me, much appreciated, it was a real blast! At the top of the article you can find links to the guests MovieFanCentral profiles, as well as the Racks, Reels, Records and Rants podcast website. You can also find some of us on Twitter, @BedeJermyn, @The4RPodcast, @SuperMarcey. You can also drop me a line at for any suggestions, feedback and comments.

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