[Mini Review] Black Dynamite (2009)

How can I describe Black Dynamite? I don’t even think I want to, as I think this is a film that you best go into and just watch.

I mean all you really need to know is that is stars the awesome martial arts star Michael Jai White, it is a throw back to the 70’s blaxploitation films, and it is not to be taken seriously. Black Dynamite is the name of our main character (Michael Jai White), he is a legend and The Man has killed his brother. Revenge to be had? Oh you guessed it!

I find a film like this difficult to review because I hate to give anything away, but I do have to say I found this to be pretty hilarious. The jokes mostly work, and the visuals really make this look like a 70’s film, a bit grindhouse-esque and performances which are just so cool and smooth and silly it manages to work.

Make no mistake, for me this was all about the great Michael Jai White, you might have seen him dating back to Universal Soldier: The Return or Exit Wounds to the more recent Blood and Bone and Undisputed II. He is one of the most amazing martial artists and seeing him in a comedy role was fantastic. He was great, and he delivered some of the lines just so well, I was laughing so hard. This is his film, and I could watch this man do anything, he’s great.

For the most part the film flowed pretty well, some parts didn’t work exactly and it was a bit slow. But mostly it was fine, and I had a blast with it. So important you just go along for the ride, it isn’t meant to be serious, and the acting can be really bad at times but it really works for the film. I loved the costume design, they got the 70’s spot on, and I loved it. It really did feel like it came out of the 70’s at times, it was great. All in all this is just a really fun and silly film, short and sweet much like this review.


One thought on “[Mini Review] Black Dynamite (2009)

  1. Great review. For me, BD was definitely one of the best films last year. A rare example of a genuinely funny comedy where ever joke delivers. I seriously couldn’t find a flaw in it.

    My favorite scene has to be one in the diner where they crack the mystery behind Anaconda Malt Liquor. That was hilarious!


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