Pandorum is a film which borrows heavily from other sci-fi films, chances are you have seen this film before and then some. In a nicely done opening we find ourselves on a ship in the future, it appears to be empty. Our main character Bower (Ben Foster) is awakened from suspended animation, and has no idea what is going on. Soon Payton (Dennis Quaid) is also awakened, and the pair try to work out what is going on. To make matters worse, there appears to be things not working, no communication with the bridge and some weird creatures on board who want to eat human flesh.
For me Pandorum was a mixed bag, there were things I liked about it and things I didn’t like. I felt performance wise Ben Foster was great, but he always is. He was a real pleasure to watch and get behind with this film. I liked Dennis Quaid, I thought he was much better here than in Legion which was a nice change. I didn’t really feel anything towards any of the other characters, but I did think that Cam Gigandet (You’d remember him from Twilight no doubt) did a great job as Gallo in the small role that he had. I thought that the scenes he had with Dennis Quaid were well done and they had this great back and forth chemistry.
The pacing of this film was really off, it moved at a good rate at some spots and then slowed down and got a bit boring in others. It really wasn’t solid and I did lost interest because of that at times. The actual atmosphere aboard this ship was great, it had that feel that you really didn’t want to be there and something was really off. The creatures were pretty ugly, but for me they didn’t really add anything to the story and I think it would have worked without them actually. There was so much more they could have done but ultimately they went the cliched route and it hurt the film.
I did think that the ending was well done, and it was a nice twist even though I did figure out a few things, other things were quite surprising and it worked. Visually, the ending looked great too, the cinematography was quite good. The color and the lack of a lot of light did set the mood. It was a mixed bag, and I was really hoping that this would have been a great sci-fi horror entry, but it is average.

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