Super Podcast Ep 23 – The Great Debate: Paranormal Activity – Marcey vs. Bede

Download HERE [Running Time: 00:40:21m]

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Super Podcast, for the first time on the show I have for you The Great Debate! For this episode my guest Bede Jermyn (The Terrible Australian) and I discuss and debate the Pro’s and Con’s of Paranormal Activity. One of us hates this film and one of us loves this film and we give our reasons and express our feelings!

Highlights Include:

  • The scene in the film that had my crying with laughter, but Bede thought it was actually scary!
  • Did Bede have to sleep with the lights on after watching this?
  • The good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the Micha character.
  • Bede does indeed compare the character of Katie to that of one Bella Swan!
  • We discuss our feelings on the different endings, which is the best?
  • And much, much more!

I’d like to thank Bede for joining me yet again and trying out something new for the Podcast. It was great to have an in-depth discussion on a film and actually have a good debate about it. Who won this battle? That is for you, the audience to decide! Naturally you can find Bede on Twitter @BedeJermyn and myself @SuperMarcey and please feel free to send any comments, suggestions and feedback to

Preview the Podcast below!

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