[REC] 2

This is actually a really difficult film to review without giving away any spoilers, so I shall try my best not to reveal anything. Much like the first film [REC], this is best going into without knowing anything, well one thing I can tell you, this picks up right where [REC] leaves off. A true sequel in every sense of the word, and it certainly needed something like this. When I first saw [REC] I did not think it needed a sequel, I thought it was a pretty fantastic film. But since it does have a sequel, this was the perfect way to go about it.
[REC] 2 flows straight from the first one, right where it left off. Back to that same building, but we have a different bunch of characters and they have to go inside. Now we know there is some kind of virus isolated inside the building, which makes the people go rabid crazy. That has not changed, and our characters go inside and see this all for themselves. However early on there are some pretty massive reveals and answers and that is all I will say about that. The actual reveals, I liked quite a lot as I felt it offered something different for this genre and for me it actually really worked.
A strong point for [REC] 2 was the performances, I thought the adults at least were all quite fantastic. They handled all the situations so well and it was very much believable as well. The teenagers on the other hand I felt were out of place for the most part and I did not think they did that well up until near the end of the film where they really came together and showed us what they were made of. The camera work was rather good for the hand held, you could tell this had a bigger budget. It felt very real, much like the first one and this helps to make you really get into this film. It grabs you and pulls you right in. The gore again was handled well, it was gross and realistic much like the first. The rabid people were freaky, and I would really hate to be in that building.
The emotions in this film were high, you could feel the fear in the characters and the helpless situation they were in. That itself is scary, their situation, stuck in the building with this virus and what the virus does. This film is not long, and it flows rather quickly, it really is an almost non stop ride here and it was fantastic. I had a blast with [REC] 2 and I really felt this was on par with the first film. They have made two fantastic horror films, again Spain you have shown us all how it should be done and I thank you for it.

3 thoughts on “[REC] 2

  1. REC is probably my favorite horror of the decade. It was just fantastic from beginning to the end. But the sequel… I’ve got mixed feelings. Sure, compared to most of the crap that passes for horrors these days, it was a masterpiece. But compared to the first, I thought it was a kind of letdown.

    Maybe it’s because I knew what to expect (during REC 1 I was like “Holy shit!” the whole time), but mostly I didn’t like the direction the story took – demons, fallen angels, alternate dimensions and whatnot. And the teens. Luckily, they locked them inside a room and forgot about them, haha!

    Anyway, I just hope they don’t turn into into a Saw-like franchise.


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