Crazy Heart

A country musician whose star has since faded finds himself playing at the local bowling alley, hasn’t written any new material for years and is an alcoholic. Things change for him when he meets a reporter, who is also a single mother, the two form a relationship. In the meantime a musician who he has mentored comes back into the picture. That is the short little synopsis for this film without giving too much away. Jeff Bridges plays Bad Blake who is the country music star who is a shadow of his former self, Maggie Gyllenhaal plays Jean the reporter who he meets and Colin Farrell Tommy plays the man he mentored.
Crazy Heart is a good film, it does follow the formula of films of these types but it is the performances that elevates this up to being great. It is cliched, and I expected that it would be and the ending both worked and didn’t for me but the rest, the ride we take with Blake made for good watching. This film really is all about Jeff Bridges and his fantastic performance, he is Bad Blake, he becomes this character fully. He really just lifted up this role and made for a character that you just can’t help but watch and you hope this man can get back on track with his life. You feel for him, in all sorts of ways, there are times you want to slap him and there are times you just want to hug him. Jeff Bridges plays all the right notes with Bad, he is one of the acting greats and it is fantastic he has been nominated for an Oscar for his role. Maggie Gyellenhaal is a stand out, the character of Jean isn’t anything special and in different hands I think it would have failed. But she really much like her co-star elevated the role and made it something. She brings this need to her character, this charm, it is all natural and the chemistry between them really works. You know what they start is ultimately doomed, but when you see that unfold you know the repercussions will actually help them. Maggie was also nominated for an Oscar and I have to say it is well deserved, she is a great actress and without her this role wouldn’t have worked. Colin Farrell while his role was small he was really quite good, and he had this perfect back and forth chemistry with Bridges. Not to mention the man can sing, and sing well, I was impressed.
The music much like Bridges is the heart of the film, it is fantastic. The songs are fantastic and beautifully performed as well, Bridges and Farrell both do their own singing, so impressive as I mentioned with Farrell but damn Bridges is so good I had no idea. The performance scenes are extremely well done, from the bowling alley to the stadium, I really enjoyed them. There are moments which are truly sad (the scene where Bad has to leave the stage to be sick is one of them) and some are just gorgeous to watch. The cinematography for this was great, it captures the mood and setting of the film so well. The pacing is perfect for this type of film, it flows very evenly and smoothly which was quite impressive too. The script is good, and as I mentioned the actors made it great, this is a performance driven film. People have been saying this is The Wrestler for 2009 but the films are not actually all that alike, some of the themes are similar but they are totally different films. This is a film I think it is worth giving a chance with, Jeff Bridges alone is worth seeing this for, the man is fantastic and I can’t say enough about him and his fantastic talent.

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