Super Podcast Ep 21 – Comic Book Adaptations of the 2000’s w/Pat, Bede & A.J.

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Welcome to Episode 21 of the Super Podcast, the Comic Book (Graphic novels) Adaptations of the 2000’s edition!

As you can see I am joined with some awesome guys who are fast becoming regulars, Pat Torfe (The awesome AITH DVD Pub Critic), Bede Jermyn (Known as the terrible Australian) and A.J. Hakari (Who we are now calling the awful American lol). Now this episode of the Super Podcast we cover the comic book and graphic novel film adaptations from 2000-2009 aka the noughties. Now we didn’t cover all of the ones released as the show was getting rather epic so a few titles got left off but I think we did cover some good ground and I am sure you will enjoy the show. We did have some technical difficulties as Skype decided to kick people off and Pat had to leave us a third of the way through but we made an awesome and hilarious show!
Highlights include:
  • Vampires and Spartans start the show off, and naturally I have to mention Gerard Butler and how hot he is.
  • A.J. professes he feels like a character from a certain film, and we basically then blown our loads over some Batman films.Pat mistakes a directors name as we talk about two films from a trilogy.
  • We find some bad films mixed in with one we agree is actually good even thought critics didn’t agree.
  • A mixture of different films get discussed and Pat really likes one that I really disliked.
  • A.J. breaks my heart over one film and we give more love to a director we already mentioned.
  • A big green man gets talked about as well as one who has a red costume.
  • We discuss some films out of Asian and mistake the country for one of them (yes I am an idiot).
  • Punish those Sinners, as we get into more discussions of different films.
  • Naturally we discuss a series of films which have a web slinger.
  • Alan Moore adaptations get talked about, can you guess which is the favourite?
  • We finish off with four films which all have one character in common.
  • And much, much more!
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It was such a fun show, and you can see we had a blast and we all feel like real Superheroes! This is the first episode of the Super Podcast I have published at its new home here at There is a new iTunes set up so if you were already subscribed, please re-subscribed to the new iTunes at this LINK! There is also a new email you can contact me on for any feedback, suggestions, anything you want to contact me about, which is
Hope you have enjoyed the show!

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