[Rewind] The Doom Generation

The Doom Generation

This was a really trippy film, there is no other way to describe it. I am going to struggle to give this any kind if explanation actually. The tag line is a heterosexual film by Gregg Araki, maybe meaning there was only hetero sex in it but there was a lot of homosexual undertones in this film.
Basically, what is it about? A couple Jordan (James Duval) and Amy (Rose McGowan) have a crazy night after they meet up with drifter Xavier (Jonathan Schaech). They basically develop this three way relationship which of course if going to blow up, they get into trouble, and meet the strangest cast of characters and basically mayhem is all over the place.
This film is basically one big drug trip, and the message is clear really, this generation is doomed, hence the title. Gregg Araki has a great visual style, the use of colors is amazing and I really loved that. His use of big signs in the background which relate to the scene was also a really good touch, I liked that as well. A lot of little things were great, little lines of dialogue, which is extremely quotable as well and the use of $6.66 was also a nice touch.
Performance wise it was really good, Rose McGowan hit all the right notes and she was perfectly suited for the character and she looked phenomenal, her body in this is to die for. She does get all the best lines and her delivery is mostly spot on. James Duval does the air head role perfectly, he looked the part and he played it just right. I liked him, but there were times I did want to just smack him upside the head. Jonathan Schaech played the overly sexual stranger, well really dirty! He was kind of hot and gross at the same time and the chemistry he shared with both Rose and James was fantastic, you can feel the heat burn up between the three.
I can see why people hate this film, people probably write it off as a nothing film but I got something out of it and I enjoyed it.

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