Awful Film Poster Of The Week #13

Awful Film Poster Of The Week #13


This honestly has to be one of the worst put together film posters I have ever seen! This film has not even come out yet, they clearly had no budget left for the advertisements because this thing looks like it was photoshopped by a 3 year old. I mean look at Hayden, that isn’t him in the picture, his head has been badly pasted on! Even worse look at Paul Walker!! Arg stuff like this makes me angry at how terrible it is! I mean who wants to go see this film based on this terrible poster?? The poster is supposed to get you excited, give you a preview of whats to come, but honestly with this?? One big turd by the looks of it eh!?!?!

2 thoughts on “Awful Film Poster Of The Week #13

  1. I think the reason Hayden Idiot's head looks like that is because he's pushing it forward so it appears that he has no neck. I don't think it's photoshopped onto the body at all. That doesn't excuse the mess this poster is but that's not one of the crime's here.The lighting around Paul Walker's head makes his head look weird. One of the highlights makes it look like it isn't attached properly. It looks like they were attempting a really common and popular photography "look" but it's rather poorly executed in the final product. I'm trying to figure out why they lit from different angles for each person then put them together. Where is the light supposed to be coming from when it's bright on the right side of one person and dark on another. Whoever that is in the front on the right, they blew out a highlight on his forehead big time. It's nice when highlights kind of outline a person but not when they leave a giant white spot on them.It's kind of funny that people think the heads are photoshopped on, I don't think they are but that just goes to show how poor this photo is.


  2. I've stared at this thing for ages, and it really seems like a cut and paste but from what you are saying that makes sense too. But yeah whatever the case, its bloody awful! The fact that is looks like such a hack job, just shows what little work they put into it. Be a shame if the film actually turns out to be good too.


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