[Review] All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

I had been waiting for what seemed like years to see this film, I heard about it, saw the trailer and I was really interested. And then in the US there was all kinds of release issues, too much to go into here. However the film was released on DVD in Australia earlier in the year and I actually blind bought it when JB Hi-Fi had a buy 2 get 1 free deal. I don’t blind buy all that often, but I am sure glad I picked this up!

Mandy Lane (Amber Heard) is a quiet girl at school, but the boys sure do want to nail her. The film begins with an incident at a party (I wont spoil that for you) and we fast forward a few months down the track. Mandy gets asked to go away with some school people for the weekend (the boys want to nail her of course, why else was she asked, right?), she accepts. They go away, and well things of the slasher type start to happen, so who is doing it and why?

Yeah the plot line doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but damn did it actually work really well. I actually really liked Mandy, she was gorgeous, shy and had that innocent look. I was worried for her, these guys seemed like jerks and the actors played their roles really well too. The girls on the other hand, didn’t fair so well, they were annoying, they weren’t really written all that well but the actresses tried their best, gotta give them props there. I was actually really impressed with Michael Welch (Emmet), his role in the beginning was really strong and I do hope he has a bright future ahead of him (He’s been in Twilight, please move away from that!).

This film actually has a few twists, one I saw coming but another one I didn’t and it hit me, it hit me hard! It takes a lot for a film to do that to me these days, I was impressed and it actually worked really well. For a small slasher film, I thought this was quite a strong and enjoyable effort. I could easily rewatch this a few more times! It has a good running time, it never drags and everything flows really well, I was impressed with how it was structured.

Oh and after this film I think I have a girl crush on Amber Heard! She is great, not only does she look hot, but she is a great actress too.



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