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Legends of Horror – Corey Feldman

Legends of Horror – Corey Feldman

After two weeks of hiatus, Legends of Horror returns from the crypt to discuss one of my personal favorite Legends.  None other than Corey Feldman!  Feldman’s work is fairly wide reaching, but there is no denying his contributions to the horror genre.  Even as a child actor he was making some very legendary work.  Slashers, vampires, even … Continue reading

In Retrospect: Gremlins by Garrett Collins

Garrett Collins continues the goodness with this new column for SuperMarcey.com ‘In Retrospect’ Christmas is here! Which means unless you want to watch A Christmas Story and Elf for the 40th time, it is time to bring out some films of your own. Whether they include Die Hard or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is up … Continue reading

Pat’s Holiday Viewing Guide

Gremlins This is a no-brainer for not only horror fans, but also those children of the 80s. Coming out in the summer of ’84, the film was a hit thanks in large part to Steven Spielberg’s hand in producing it, but also getting the film’s rating to be PG instead of R (back in those … Continue reading

Garrett Collins’ Top 5 Christmas Movies

5) One Magic Christmas Call it nostalgia. Call it cheesy. Call it not very man-like: I like this sappy piece of Christmas syrup, which was made in 1985. Worth it just to see Harry Dean Stanton play an angel, this movie has Mary Steenburgen playing a mother who just lacks the Christmas spirit, and harmonica … Continue reading