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TV Review: Day Of The Doctor by Bea Harper

TV Review: Day Of The Doctor by Bea Harper

And so thusly, Whovians around the globe sigh and smoke a cigarette, bathing in the after-glow of “Day of the Doctor”, the hotly anticipated 50th Anniversary of the well-loved BBC sci-fi serial. What started out as a decidedly low-budget piece of evening idiotbox entertainment has since turned into something akin to religion. Generation upon generation … Continue reading

Funk’s Top 10: People the Doctor Should Meet

Doctor Who is a fantastic show for geeks. There’s plenty of space for discussion, fan-fiction and list making. So that’s what I’ve done. Taking inspiration from episodes in which The Doctor crosses paths with significant historical figures, such as Shakespeare, van Gogh and Queen Victoria, here are the ten people from history that I would … Continue reading

Top 10 10th Doctor Stories

Yes, that title looks like a typo but a typo it is not. The character of Doctor Who is now in his eleventh incarnation, each played by a different actor. Each incarnation has their fans, and a recent poll ranked the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, as the most popular. Being a recent convert … Continue reading