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Funk’s Top 10: Comic Characters on Film

Comic books, like any form of story-telling, relies on strong characters to connect with the reader. When dealing with such fantastic and otherwordly characters, this becomes a greater challenge for comic book writers, especially when they make the leap to the silver screen. This turned out to be a remarkably tough list to narrow down … Continue reading

Super Podcast Ep 46 – Our Fav Film Characters

Download HERE [Running Time: 00:59:15m] Welcome to Episode 46 of the Super Podcast, after a month filled with horror it is time for a change of pace. This edition Co-Host Super Marcey is joined by special guest Aaron (aka AaronTheH from JoBlo) to discuss Film Characters. Co-Host Bede despite suffering some technical difficulties managed to … Continue reading

Marcey’s Top 5 Creepiest Film Characters

Keeping with this month’s horror theme for the website, I have decided to compile a list of my personal Top 5 Creepiest Film Characters. These are the Top 5 characters which creep me out the most, while everyone has their own fears and different things which creep them out, these are mine. These characters give … Continue reading