Send Us Your Stuff

Would you be interested in checking out your work and then reviewing it? Drop us an email and we’ll see if we can work something out.

We’ll accept films (whether you want to send us to a screening or send us the film itself), Music, Comics, Graphic novels, novels, plus more.

Write to Marcey –


2 thoughts on “Send Us Your Stuff

  1. Check out our new, fast-paced, comedy/horror film “Zorbino”. Here’s what happens in just the first 5 minutes:

    While on vacation in Tokyo, Zorbino gets lost and mistakenly becomes the guest of a Japanese TV talk-show. Yet Zorbino doesn’t speak Japanese, so he dances and sings Yankee Doodle. The live audience loves Zorbino’s performance, but then a zombie outbreak infects the studio and Zorbino is left running for his life. The outbreak quickly spreads through Tokyo, yet Zorbino eventually finds some safety in an airport bar. The small international group there then has a Karaoke party with much drinking. Now that everyone is drunk, they make an escape plan. The idea is to take a jet and fly away from Tokyo, yet their pilot is blind and in a wheelchair, and the zombies are all over the airport.


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