Dissecting the Director

The columns are in order of release, with the most recent one at the top.

Steve Miner

Ridley Scott

James Wan

Patrick Lussier

Louis Leterrier

Jonathan Liebsman

Marcus Nispel

Albert Pyun

Brian Yuzna

Tobe Hooper

Mick Garris

Bob Clark

Jack Sholder

John Carpenter

Stephen Hopkins

Chuck Russell

Russell Mulcahy

Joe Dante

Rob Zombie

Lucky McKee (With input from the man himself)

Neil Marshall

Guillermo del Toro

George Romero

Eric Red

Darren Lynn Bousman

Christopher Smith

Kathryn Bigelow

Jee-Woon Kim

Wes Craven

Christophe Gans

Tom Holland

Kevin Tenney

Paul W. S. Anderson

Don Coscarelli

Alexandre Aja

Stuart Gordon

Uwe Boll

Robert Rodriguez

Sam Raimi

David Lynch

Credit to ArrowInTheHead for hosting the column and the artwork.


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