[Comic Review] Hard Boiled Issue #1

Hard Boiled Issue 1The wonderful locally produced comics from Australia are so full of unique stories and characters, there is no way you can resist their charms. There is definitely something out there for everyone, to suit individual tastes. As with the already reviewed PIZZA ASSASSIN #1, HARD BOILED #1 is an all ages, family friendly adventure that has a wide appeal. Co-creators Nath Stones and Luke Andrew have a clear audience targeted, anyone and everyone!

Our story here is about Eggert, a pun-tastic thief who travels the world with his partner Kung-fu Joe, as they steal from the rich and to get rich. In this particular adventure Eggert has a lot to contend with, including a Yeti! Will our egg-cellent hero make it through all the hurdles for the prize or will this egg get a crack?

Each panel in HARD BOILED is as exciting as the next, with the adventure kicking off right away. The inspirations are worn on its sleeve, with a huge nod to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and enough puns to ensure the reader is giggling. Adult readers will definitely appreciate where the inspirations come from, and the younger readers will get a laugh out of Eggert and what he gets himself into.


It speaks volumes when you can pick up a book and notice that different audiences will get something different out of it, it doesn’t contain itself as one thing or for one crowd. That is the magic that is becoming Kapow Comics, and the creative mind of Nath Stones. When something like HARD BOILED comes along and it can be read on the spot and reread right after, you just know there is a special quality about the product.

Issue #1 is not too long, and it certainly leaves the reader wanting a lot more. Eggert is a fun character that has a lot of potential for many more adventures and issues. The possibilities are endless for this series, which is extremely exciting to think about. His appeal has to do with how he is drawn and how he is written, and the amount that gets across in this first issue is rather inspiring. The artwork is complex in its own way, it is easy to look at and follow along with the story. Being this is in the black and white scheme, it allows the imagination to flow. Eggert could be any colour you want him to be!

If you are not reading locally produced Australian comics, HARD BOILED #1 is a fantastic starting point. The local market is filled with wonderful pieces of work, and it certainly deserves the biggest audience possible.


To purchase a copy of HARD BOILED Issue #1 please visit Kapow Comics – http://www.kapowcomicbooks.com/


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