[Bea’s Book Reviews] The War Of The Worlds [by H.G. Wells]

It’s a classic. A true classic for the ages and it’s not going anywhere.

Author: H.G. Wells

Original publisher: Pearson’s Magazine

Published: 1898

Note: Orson Welles (no relation) made quite a stir with his infamous radio dramatization in 1938. Listeners who tuned in 15 minutes after the radio play started without any knowledge truly thought the country (and by extension) the world was being invaded by a menacing alien species. Also keep in mind this was the period of which WW2 was looming over the world, so to hear Welles’s interpretation could very well be considered one of the most major cases of mass public hysteria. Listen to this part of history here:

Orson Welles- the ultimate troll.

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