[90s Action Movie Month] Last Action Hero (1993) Live Tweets!


LAST ACTION HERO really is a staple of 90’s action films and it is perhaps one of the best satire’s on the genre. It really is a misunderstood film and perfect for this months theme.


So did no body actually understand this film was a piss take on the over the top action genre? #LastActionHero

It’s actually a clever and fun film, I’ve always loved it! It’s easily one of Arnie’s better roles and performances. #LastActionHero

The cameos and one liners are so ridiculous it’s bloody awesome! #LastActionHero

Tom Noonan always a genius casting choice #LastActionHero

I do wish Arnie actually had a Jack Slater film series #LastActionHero

The opening scene gives you clues about what this film is but it’s just so cleverly done you don’t realise until it’s a film within a film

Last Action Hero 01

What sort of a crappy derelict cinema is that? #LastActionHero

Are we ever going to get Arnie in Hamlet??? #LastActionHero

“And Hamlet is taking out the trash” #LastActionHero

Austin O’Brien had some great films under his belt in the 90’s, talented kid #LastActionHero

I think he became a professional photographer now. Still talented #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 02

Seriously could this kid live a shittier life? #LastActionHero

Kid gets told to go straight home, runs to cinema instead. I probably would have done that too. #LastActionHero

So many films where kids are friends with old dudes, how did they ever meet? #LastActionHero

The kid finds himself in the movie, we all wish we could jump into our fav films. #LastActionHero

Let’s just add Houdini in this film for no reason #LastActionHero

How is this cinema still running if there aren’t any customers aside from a kid who never pays? #LastActionHero

Seriously though this film has such an awesome cast! Charles Dance, Art Carney, F Murray Abraham, Robert Prosky and ect ect #LastActionHero

Charles Dance basically rules this film! #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 03

The best part about Arnie in films, he has such American names but has such a strong Austrian accent #LastActionHero

This film is a great example of how you do a satire on a genre, spoof it. Those morons who do those Date Movie films are beyond clueless.

Oh look ACME dynamite! #LastActionHero

He shoots dynamite away, that’s like shooting fire out. #LastActionHero

What film would you want to be thrown into? I vote The Wizard Of OZ, munchkin land here I come! #LastActionHero

Only Arnie could get away with driving a car without his hands on the wheel and not crash #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 04

Lots of awesome over the top action and this film takes no prisoners! #LastActionHero

I love how genuinely hysterical this film is. #LastActionHero

Oh here we go, chicken time! #LastActionHero

Did they crash a George Michael music video? #LastActionHero

Only Arnie could light a cigar up with dynamite #LastActionHero

Oh look Sharon Stone and the T-1000 #LastActionHero

Most insane movie police station ever #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 5

Yay F Murray!!!! I love him #LastActionHero

Random Amadeus reference to boot lol #LastActionHero

An animated cat, yeah that’s normal #LastActionHero

Haha buddy movie #LastActionHero

Take a drink everytime Austin O’Brien says ‘movie’ – alcoholic coma in 10 minutes #LastActionHero

Yes! Stallone as The Terminator! #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 06

*sigh* I miss video stores #LastActionHero

Oh Arnie, you’re so funny in this #LastActionHero

Wasn’t this big guy in Three Ninjas? #LastActionHero

No body can poke fun of themselves quite like Arnie #LastActionHero

Wow those dogs did the pyramid #LastActionHero

What happened to Bridget Wilson? She was such a 90’s babe. #LastActionHero

“Hello Toto” only Charles Dance could make that line awesome #LastActionHero


Damn he harmed a hair on her head #LastActionHero

Bridget Wilson sure had a set of lungs on her #LastActionHero

I think this film inspired John Woo’s American stuff #LastActionHero

Those guns are magical, they never need reloading #LastActionHero

Really odd E.T. reference #LastActionHero

The collection of glass eyes is pretty rad #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 08

The Twlight Zone music hit at just the right moment #LastActionHero

He can’t swear because it’s PG-13 hahaha #LastActionHero

I really can’t stop laughing at the hilarity of this film #LastActionHero

He said you can’t trust F Murray, and it’s true. He killed Mo-zart #LastActionHero

Great whiskers saved the day! #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 09

I can’t even describe how insane this scene is! Arnie stealing a dead body with a bomb inside #LastActionHero

Everyone at a mob funeral has some kind of gun #LastActionHero

No weapons needed reloading in his film, endless bullets when convenient #LastActionHero

The clock counting down always lasts longer than it’s meant to #LastActionHero

He managed to wipe off all the tar with one tissue #LastActionHero

“Now you try do a 360 on me?” “180” #LastActionHero

When they go to the real world this film gets ridiculous #LastActionHero

The insane movie OTT action don’t work in the real world hahahaha #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 10

Lol you gotta reload guns #LastActionHero

“I’ve never met a fictional character before.” #LastActionHero

Heh Jack Slater can’t pronounce Schwarzenegger #LastActionHero

“I just shot somebody and I did it on purpose.” #LastActionHero

Why was he colouring in the newspaper ad for Dracula? #LastActionHero

I never noticed just how many film references are in this film, from Night Of The Living Dead to Witness #LastActionHero

OMG I love the movie premiere #LastActionHero

“We only killed 48 people” #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 11

Yay Van Damme! Best cameo of the movie #LastActionHero

Oh no now to relive the ending to Jack Slater III #LastActionHero

Tom Noonan should be in everything #LastActionHero

But so should Charles Dance #LastActionHero

The climax of the film is really well handled #LastActionHero

This is a long film, but it doesn’t feel like it #LastActionHero

Sad but true the bad guys can win in the real world #LastActionHero

“No sequel for you” boom! #LastActionHero

Last Action Hero 12

Ian McKellen as Death from The Seventh Seal #LastActionHero

So random how Death just comes along #LastActionHero

Thank goodness all is back to normal #LastActionHero

Why did Danny DeVito never play an animated cat detective called whiskers #LastActionHero

Haha I love how he tells the Captain to stop screaming #LastActionHero

No wonder the film is awesome, co written by Shane Black #LastActionHero




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