Interview: David Morse

David Morse was lucky enough to have to opportunity to have a chat with actor David Morse (big thanks to Bill), about McCanick. David stars along side Cory Monteith and Mike Vogel in this crime/drama/thriller.

David and Marcey discuss McCanick, along with what film the fans really wanted to know about!

We here at are delighted to bring you this interview, David was an absolute pleasure to talk to and many thanks to him for taking the time out.

(Transcription by Bea Harper)

David Morse: Hi Marcey.

Marcey Papandrea: Hello, thank you for taking the time out to have a chat with me today.

David: Thank you.

Marcey: So let’s talk about the release of your new film “McCannick”.


David: Yeah.

Marcey: It’s out really soon in Australia, and yeah, excellent movie, so congratulations on that.

David: Thank you.

Marcey: So how did you get involved with the film?

David: You know, Josh, the director, I guess probably four years ago now, he sent the script to the people who managed me and they liked it, I read it, I loved it. And the Josh got excited that I loved it, and I spent some time in Philadelphia just talking about who he is. I didn’t know anything about him, talking about the script, walking around the city a little bit and we got on great. I thought he had a lot going, he had spark, he worked on a few short films, before this was gonna be his first feature and I was impressed by I saw what he had done.

Marcey: Yeah, it’s hard to believe this was his first feature, it’s such a really well done film.

David: I’m totally with you on that. I think a lot of people are surprised that this is his first feature, it’s remarkably well done and it looks fantastic. Considering the time we had, it looks fantastic .

Marcey: Absolutely. The film kinda takes place over the course of a day. How challenging is it to actually have that time frame of a day to keep everything in continuity and make it flow?

David: Yeah, that wasn’t just my challenge, as much it was the challenge of Josh, and Daniel the writer in terms of the story telling, I (the character) go through so much over the course of the day emotionally and physically and there was so little time to shoot it . That sort of exhaustion that the character accumulates over the course of the movie.

Marcey: Well, you did a magnificent job.

David: Oh, well, thanks.


Marcey: Onto something a little more sadder, your co-star Cory Monteith recently passed away, what was he like to work with, you both really have a lot of excellent scenes together and I think they were the highlight of the movie for me.

David: Yeah, I think a lot of people think that way. I never knew Corey from his show “Glee”, I hadn’t watched it. I saw the pilot and I really liked it and recommended everybody watched it, but I never saw it again because I don’t really watch that much television but I really liked him in that. When Josh said he was going to offer it to Corey, and when I heard Corey read it and got so excited about it, and had to commit himself to doing “Glee” and this movie at the same time, it must have been a real trick to pull off. Thankfully “Glee” helped him out with that. Obviously, before he even got to Philadelphia had real commitment to it, the long hair he has (in the movie) was his idea, he was really investing his own body and his own time so creatively. He was really amped up to do this role, so that meant a lot to all of us, I don’t think he anticipated the film would be seriously quite like what it was. He was really intense. The first things he did was some of that chase stuff at the end, I had never done anything like this and we were running all day doing take, after take, after take and that really wears you down. He was so considerate and it was a little nuts for him, but things got better.

Marcey: I have to ask you about “The Indian Runner”, it’s one of my all time favourite films, what do you remember about doing that film?

David: There is so much that I remember about that film. Sean Penn who I had never met is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, he was interested in me doing the lead in his first film. It was almost overwhelming to me that of all the people in the world, of all the lead actors to choose from and he picked me, not only picked me by fighting for me to do the role, in some ways it was life-changing for me just in terms of where I was at that point in my career. Then to spend time with Viggo (Mortensen), Patricia (Arquette) and Valeria (Golino), he encouraged us to become a family, to bond together, spend time together, going through this experience together. It was just a gift for all the way around.

Marcey: That’s amazing! I sent out to the fans if they wanted to ask you a question, and the most popular subject was to ask you about the “The Rock” and what that filming experience was like.

David Morse 01

David: (Chuckles) There are so many people who love that movie and it’s really such a fun movie to watch. There are things during the experience that aren’t so fun but not a lot of them. The things that were fun, you know, look at that collection of actors, obviously Sean Connery, Nic Cage and Ed Harris, but also the supporting actors, and spending all that time together. And you know the Navy SEALS, they were the real deal, the guys who trained us, worked with us for the movie, a lot of them had went off to the Iraq war and a lot of them died in the Iraq war. Their relationship with us during filming, there was a lot that was really good and touching about.

Marcey: Mmm. Well, seeing as they are telling us that we’ll be getting cut off shortly, I’d like to thank you SO much for taking the time out to have a chat with me, it really means a lot.

David: I was happy to talk to you and the fans who have an interest.

Marcey: (Laughs) Yeah, I lot a lot of responses from the fans, most of it was about “The Rock”.

David: (Laughs) Stunning.

Marcey: Thank you so much and good luck with the future and yes, can’t wait until the movie comes out here. It will be awesome, I will be telling everyone to go watch it.

David: Thank you, and good luck to you too.

Marcey: Thank you so much.

McCanick is available to order on Blu-ray and DVD, click the pictures below for details.

McCanick BluMcCanick DVD

10 thoughts on “Interview: David Morse

  1. This film is a silly rubbish! Advise for David Morse-would be better for you not to take acting in such rubbish, better get to rest!


      • I can reply as much time as I wish! That’s my right. I don’t like the latest Morses’ movies, I think
        he is about to end of his acting career, that is my opinion!!


      • I was just wondering because you wrote basically the same thing twice.

        That’s fine if you don’t like the film, that’s your opinion of course. The film is coming out here in Australia and that is what the interview was for, to let people know about it.


  2. How funny discuss such stupid things as this film like a something incredible and brilliant! Would be better for Morse to get retired instead of acting in this rubbish!


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