5 Choices To Play Lex Luthor In A Man Of Steel Sequel


I am sure by now most of you have seen Man Of Steel, the latest film featuring Superman (played by Henry Cavill here). In this installment they went with General Zod (played by Michael Shannon) as the main villain, and there was an easter egg about Lex Luthor in the film. During Superman and General Zod’s battle in the city, we saw a couple of trucks and on the side ‘Lexcorp’ was written on them.

One would assume this means that Lex Luthor the most famous of Superman’s villain was being hinted at for a future film. Man Of Steel has been rather successful at the Box Office worldwide, and a sequel has recently been announced. So with that in mind, Lex seems the choice to at least be in the sequel, while he might not necessarily be the villain yet.

So who should play Lex Luthor? He has previously been portrayed by Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, John Shea, Michael Rosenbaum and Clancy Brown just to name a few. Every sort of actor has played the role, and his character has been very different each and every time.

As I see it, Lex Luthor in this Superman universe would be a business mogul, with an agenda that isn’t so clear cut or beneficial to everyone. He has the money and resources to do all sorts of things, and Superman being the ultimate being to get in his way.

Here are my 5 choices to play Lex Luthor …

5.) Bruce Greenwood


One of the greatest actors that isn’t a mainstream name is Bruce Greenwood, he is charismatic and very versatile. You may remember him as Captain Pike from the rebooted Star Trek film series, and he shows up in all sorts of roles from voicing Batman in Under The Red Hood to playing JFK in Thirteen Days.

I see him as Lex Luthor because he has the maturity and experience that could be very beneficial to a Luthor who is a seasoned businessman. Greenwood has the ability to connect with the audience, perhaps even gain their sympathy while doing acts that aren’t above board. He would make a great Lex Luthor, whether he be a substantial character for the story or the main villain.

4.) Michael C. Hall


While Michael C. Hall might be best known for his television work with Six Feet Under and Dexter, he has ventured out into feature films, and there is no denying the man has talent with his craft. I have picked him as a possible Luthor because I think he could be a very slimy version, someone who from the get go we know is up to no good, and he gets under the skin of the audience.

Hall has shown he is very capable of that with his role in Gamer, while not the best film he was the stand out. His performance would have to be a serious one, no ham or cheese, which I can see him pulling off. A Lex Luthor who is cunning, slimy and diabolical could really work in his hands.

3.) Viggo Mortensen


Viggo Mortensen might be the strangest pick on this list, however I really do believe he could play Lex Luthor. He’s shown throughout his career he is able to play any type of character, we know he can play the hero (Aragorn) or the strange character you aren’t too sure of (A History Of Violence and Eastern Promises come to mind), and I think his Lex could be all of those things.

He has the look of experience about him, and I could see him pulling off Luthor as someone who has been in the game for years, but we remain unsure about him and his motives. A Mortensen Luthor might be a little more quieter and reserved on the surface, but deep down he’s a powerful and energetic force for what he believes.

2.) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


I may not be entirely up to date with Game Of Thrones, but one actor certainly stuck out as me, and his portrayal and development has been fantastic, I speak of Jamie Lanister played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. To say he is impressive is an understatement, this man is quite talented and Game Of Thrones isn’t a once off. Everything I have seen him in, he really owns the screen and I find him extremely engaging.

He has the qualities that are ripe for a younger Luthor, a real hard working business man who will do anything to gain power. I really could see him working against Henry Cavill’s Superman, and fit into this universe that has been created. We know he can play a villain, and he can also play a likeable person, mix those together and we’d have a very compelling Luthor.

1.) Jon Hamm


I never really understood why people were dead set that Jon Hamm play Superman, I never saw it. I did however always picture him as playing Lex Luthor, not only does he had a great look, he’s able to play a business man and one that is mysterious with an agenda. Luthor by Hamm wouldn’t be a copy of Don Draper, he’d be a modern man, a powerful one, someone that Metropolis could look up to without knowing what his true intentions are.

If they decide to go down the angle with Luthor in politics I could really see Hamm pulling that off with ease and give us a very compelling character, and something different to what we have seen in the past. I’d love to see Hamm cast, he’s really my top choice and it’d be a great role for him to let people see someone other than Don Draper. Check out Jon Hamm playing a comical Lex Luthor in this video.


3 thoughts on “5 Choices To Play Lex Luthor In A Man Of Steel Sequel

  1. Nice list.
    I saw on some website there was a rumor that Mark Strong is being considered. He’s played a lot of bad guys.


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