Why Does It Exist? Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li


Why Does It Exist? is a new column here at SuperMarcey.com that questions why something in film and/or television exists when it probably shouldn’t. Straight forward huh? Let’s go ….

Why Does Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li Exist?

Why does Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li exist? No I am being serious, why does this exist? Is there any reason why this is an actual film? How did this get green lit? Who thought this would actually be a good idea?

In all honesty, this film makes the 1994 Street Fighter look like a legitimate masterpiece. There is nothing good about The Legend Of Chun Li, except perhaps Chris Klein as Charlie Nash that is only because he gives a performance equal to that of our pals from Troll 2.


I am sure it can’t really be that difficult to make a decent Street Fighter film, the 1994 version was a little (or a lot) clueless but at least it can be enjoyed on some level. There is nothing at all to enjoy with The Legend Of Chun Li, this is a film so bad it really is bad. It is a film I don’t want to watch ever again, it is excruciating to the max.

The story focuses for some reason around Chun Li (played by Kristen Kreuk, not sure how that was ever meant to work), and we get some of the usual suspects with Bison (Neal McDonough who fares better in Balloon Farm), Balrog (RIP Michael Clarke Duncan), Gen (Robin Shou who will forever be known as Lui Kang), Vega (Taboo) and the afore mentioned Charlie Nash. The film is about Li’s quest for vengeance against Bison, and we really just don’t care.


First off, the story itself is weak and there is nothing really about this film that feels like a game adaptation aside from character names. Michael Clarke Duncan and Robin Shou are perhaps the only ones that sort of resemble their game counter parts also. It feels like someone found a script in a public toilet that was being used for toilet paper and decided “Hey let’s make this into a film”. They shopped it around, and someone decided that the film alone would not gain interest so it was reworked (lightly) as a Street Fighter film. During the meetings about making this film, alcohol was served heavily, because let’s face it I can’t imagine any other way this got made.

The film really makes no sense, the entire cast felt some what confused and Kreuk seems to think that it is a masterpiece. Her performance is very unbalanced with the rest of the film, perhaps she was not let in on the joke? Chris Klein however seems sort of aware of what is going on around him, and he puts in this ham filled with cheese performance. I have no idea what Neal McDonough was on, but wow his performance may be the worst he has ever given (and he has been in some stinkers like I Know Who Killed Me). This is a film that sees him doing things to a pregnant woman that quite frankly I can’t believe was actually written, Twilight birth scene eat your heart out!


Ah this film makes no sense, it is terrible in every sense of the word and I can’t believe I wasted my time to see it. I have no idea why this is in existence, and if anyone wants to tackle Street Fighter in the future, please play the games, read about the storylines and come up with something that is as far away from this as possible.

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