Living Dead In Dallas by Charlaine Harris

Living Dead In Dallas is a fantastic follow up to the first of the Sookie Stackhouse novels Dead Until Dark. It picks up pretty much where the first book left off and before long we’re thrown into more chaos and mystery. The story is told from Sookie’s point of view, she is a telepath and happens to be dating a vampire. Her special gift is of great importance to the vampire’s, as this time around they need her to find out what has happened to a missing vampire. Meanwhile, back in her hometown of Bon Temps, another murder has taken place and as a friend Sookie wants to find out what happened. So the story here has two main arc’s, and they are both exciting and interesting!
I love Sookie, from the first book she was a character I just fell in love with. It is a pleasure to join her again as she gets into more trouble while trying to solve several mysteries. Of course there is the vampire Bill Compton, he’s a strange one, but at the same time striking and attractive. Much like with the TV show however, my attentions always turned to Eric Northman, he’s just as great in the novels as he is in the TV show. Charlaine Harris has created some interesting and quirky characters, they all mix together in the most entertaining of ways.
While the book focuses more on Sookie and the TV show fleshes out the characters, it doesn’t really take away anything from the book. After all it is told from Sookie’s point of view, and we see them how she sees them. We join her on her journey, and I enjoy doing this with Sookie. Charlaine took an interesting concept of having the vampire’s known to the world, yet other supernatural creatures are not. Sookie learns about all of this, as do we as the reader. We get introduced to new beings, unaware of what dangers they might impose on Sookie and the town in general. I was so riveted by this book, despite having seen the TV show, there is a lot that is different and I still wasn’t sure what surprises would be thrown at me. Highly recommended reading, and now on to book 3 and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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