The only regret I have with this film is that I waited this long to see it. I loved this film, I really did. Who would have thought a film about an interview could have been so suspenseful and engaging? This is a fantastically crafted film, every scene is just perfectly placed and also needed. You could easily compare this film to a brutal boxing match, both Frost and Nixon had their own agenda’s with this interview and the film shows this. You actually feel like picking a side, and even though this all has happened, the outcome is still surprising.
This is a character piece, with of course the focus on Frost and Nixon, this would certainly not have had the same impact without two outstanding performances. Michael Sheen as David Frost is just as perfect as you can get. Frank Langella as Richard Nixon seemed like odd casting when I first heard about the film as soon as he is on screen you forget it is even him. I can’t praise these two enough for their performances, they make this film. They have this unbelievable chemistry together in their scenes and when we get to the filming of the interview, the back and forth between them is electric. This film does feature a fantastic overall cast with everyone doing a fantastic job, most notably Sam Rockwell (Can this man ever hand in a bad performance?).
This is a two hour film, and I certainly didn’t feel it, this film felt more like a 90min one. It flew by as it pulled me in right away and it didn’t let me go until the credits rolled. Ron Howard really crafted something special here, this is certainly a different film from him and easily one of his best. You can tell this was adapted from a play but that does not take away anything from the film. Each shot looks amazing, the 70’s were captured so well and it does look authentic. I really loved this film, for me this is just about as perfect as it can get with film. Highly recommended to be sure.

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