Robin Hood

I will be blunt and honest about Robin Hood, I did not like this film. I am a fan of Ridley Scott, I enjoy his films and I do like Russell Crowe as well. The last thing I expected was to feel this way, I love the Robin Hood story and the trailers made this look epic. So what went wrong? The script, in my opinion as a film fan, I felt the script was actually rather poor. I can see what they were trying to do, but in my eyes it was a huge fail. One thing I didn’t really know before going in was the changes in the story of Robin Hood. I wasn’t quite aware this was an origin story, and by the end of the film you certainly see that it is and they clearly wanted to make this into a series a films following the adventures of Robin Hood.
It felt like they were aiming for this to feel real and gritty, but I just found things so unbelievable and awfully silly which didn’t fit the tone they were trying for. There were a few nice moments, mixed in with some brutal moments and even sad moments but I didn’t really feel much of anything though. I didn’t like the changes they made, in particular with Robin’s character and he just was not likable, and you are really meant to love him. Marion just didn’t feel right either, I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was. The characters that were good however, the band of ‘Merry Men’.
I felt the acting was not anywhere near where it should have been, they did what they could with the script they were given. Russell Crowe wasn’t anywhere near as good as he usually is, Cate Blanchett was alright, she really tried. By now it seems Mark Strong can play badie in his sleep and he was good in the role. No one else really sticks out, and when that happens you know a film is rather forgettable. I think I only liked a few scenes, the battle and fight scenes were well done when they came up. I really can’t recommend this, I know there are those out there that liked this film a lot but I was so disappointed and I was not alone there.

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