The hospital experience

Hey folks,
As some of you may know I’ve been dealing with some serious health issues the past few years, and to make a long story short I was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome (you can google it) which was being caused by a tumor (benign) on my adrenal gland.
So Tuesday I went into hospital for surgery to remove the tumor and gland and start my long road to recovery. Basically the entire time at the hospital was nothing but drama filled. I got there at 11.30am for afternoon surgery, I was scheduled to go into the operating room at 2pm. I didn’t get moved to pre-anethesia room till 2:45pm where I sat (or layed down) till just after 4pm. All the while they couldn’t find a vein to put the needle in my hand to give me the meds to knock me out. Took the guy like 5 mins to put the needle in and it hurt like hell. Once they started to put me to sleep I was in horrible pain.
I woke up in recovery around 8pm, since they told my Mum the op would be done by 4.30pm she was worried. I didn’t get to the ward till around 8:45pm, I noticed they had stuck another needle in my other hand so I had one in each hand and they had stuck something in my left arm which gave me a HUGE bruise. I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything and I had the oxygen mask on. Mum gave me my iPhone and iPod and left. The nurse put the oxygen nose tube on me and I wanted to just sleep. Of course that wasn’t happening with the other three patients all snoring. Nurse coming in every hour for something. Pain was horrible, I had four incisions for the procedure, keyhole surgery.
The dramas continued, pain everywhere, no sleep, feeling terrible, unable to move around, taking nearly 30mins to empty my bladder, just awful. Then of course the wound dressing I had an allergic reaction to which ripped off my skin. So got to be careful that doesn’t get worse or spread and of course they put on more tape over it which made it worse. All I wanted was to go home and sleep in my own bed. Even an hour of sleep made me feel better. I went home Thursday afternoon, no idea what to do with the wounds and the dressing and everything. I have to take hormones and slowly lower the dose so my body can get used to normal levels, of course lowering the dose made me feel sick so I have to go back to the high dose and go down slower with it.
Lets just say it hasn’t been fun at all and it is going to be a slow and long recovery until I am back to normal. It has been quite the feat to actually write this blog, I am hoping this week I will be able to catch up on my school work.
Hopefully I will be back writing more blogs and podcasting soon.

4 thoughts on “The hospital experience

  1. I myself am very familiar with hospitals, having been diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome (an annoying kidney disorder) at a very early age. And having spent a lot of my childhood (and life in general) in hospitals, I know it can be a real pain in the ass.

    Well, all I can wish you is a speedy recovery. I’m not a long time reader, but for the last couple of months I’ve been enjoying reading your reviews. So keep it up.


  2. I hope you feel better soon, Marcey. Way back in the 1990s I had an endocrine disorder too – a pituitary prolactinoma that was 1.2cm and located right behind my eyes at the base of the brain.

    In a way it was a relief to finally have it diagnosed after two years of crippling headaches, blurred vision, disappearing periods, depression etc. It still has lingering effects even though the tumour is now tiny in size and has made me learn that if *you* feel that something’s not right with your health, then keep asking questions – there’s nothing more frustrating than a patronising old GP who just wants to brush you off.

    Get well soon!


    • I’ve had those symptoms as well, I did have my pituitary checked but that was all okay. It was the tumor on my right adrenal gland doing all the damage. I went through probably around 18 months of diagnostics until they worked out what was actually going on.

      Post surgery, I am still in a lot of pain at the surgery site as well as my abdomen, I haven’t seen the surgeons yet, next week should be my post op check up. I did see the endocrine specialist today, having a lot of issues with my hormones. My other adrenal should have woken up and gotten active but it is still asleep, and I am having to take the suppliment hormones and everytime I lower the dosage I get very sick. Today has been extremely awful in particular, so I’ve got a new schedule for those hormones, going to take a lot longer than originally predicted.

      One step at a time as they say 🙂


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