Super Podcast Ep 29 – Wake Me From This Nightmare w/Steven (BBB)

Download HERE [Running time 00:40:47m]

Welcome to Episode 29 of the Super Podcast, this show sees the return of Steven (Big Bada Boomba from Empire Aus Forums) to the podcast! This is a show we had planned from the start of the year, but we had to wait until our topic had been released, and that topic is of course A Nightmare On Elm Street remake. We are both fans of the original franchise, and we were both anticipating the remake, and we felt no matter what this needed to be discussed!

Highlights include:

  • We go over what we liked about the remake.
  • Then we discuss what we didn’t like, and there is a lot of that.
  • What did we think of the new Freddy, Jackie Earle Haley?
  • We talk about how we would have improved on the film, nudity perhaps?
  • Steven and I go off topic and talk about Glitter.
  • And much, much more!

It is always a real pleasure to have Steven on the podcast, a bit of trivia he was the first ever guest back in Episode 3. I look forward to having Steven back on in the future, and if you can’t get enough of Steven, and let’s face it we all want more you can follow him on Twitter @CokedUpBabyBoy or check out his blog Anomaly. Of course you can find me a Twitter @SuperMarcey and you can always contact me through email at for any suggestions and feedback.

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