Super Podcast Ep 28 – Kicking That Annoying Ass w/Bede, Nick & Matches

Download HERE [Running Time: 01:29:24m]
Welcome to Episode 28 of the Super Podcast, this episode I am joined once again by my unofficial co-host Bede Jermyn aka the Terrible Australian (Terror Australis). Making his return to the Podcast is Nick Bosworth from MovieHotties (Seth Gecko/ElderPredator), and making his debut to the Podcast is Matches Malone from the new podcast Reels, Racks, Records & Rants. This edition sees us discussing the film Kick-Ass and we also delve into the world of Annoying Film Characters, picking our Top 3 with some honourable mentions along the way.
Be aware there are spoilers for the film Kick-Ass as well as the comic book so you have been warned!

Highlights Include:
  • We start off talking about the ass kicking film that is Kick-Ass
  • We all delve into the controversy of the film, and the stupidity of people who brought their kids to see the film.
  • Do you want Matches rants? There are plenty to go around all through-out the show!
  • How does the film compare to the comic? Is it faithful?
  • What characters are so annoying that I want to rip their ears off?
  • Bede has a bit of a problem with a few female characters, if you want to hear a Bede rant, you got it folks!
  • Nick really dislikes one film and one character, and unfortunately due to technical issues we had to re-record half that segment!
  • And much, much more!

As usual I would like to thank my three guests for joining me for the show, and for putting up with me being rather sick (excuse my nose blowing haha)! It was a great time and I think we had some awesome discussions. You can find Bede on Twitter @BedeJermyn, Nick can be found on MFC at ElderPredator and Matches as well at MFC at Matches_Malone. You can find me on Twitter @SuperMarcey or you can drop me a line at do not hesitate to send me any feedback or suggestions.
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