Battlestar Galactica

Over the past few months I finally got my bum in gear and got a hold of the re-imaged Battlestar Galactica series which premiered as a mini-series back in 2003. It is loosely based on the series from the 70’s which I hardly remember now. Until recently all I had seen was little bits and pieces of the show and it looked like something I wanted to watch, and now I finally have.
Sci-fi this certainly is, and it goes much deeper then that too. There is so much meaning and so many metaphors present through out the entire four seasons of the show. This is a strong, character driven show, you care about people, even if you aren’t really meant to. It has its twists and turns, and some really hit hard, while others not so much but it still makes more compelling viewing. One thing which really made this show was the cast, they are all phenomenal! I loved everyone even if I didn’t much like their character, I think everyone just played their parts to perfection.
The story itself is about humans creating the robotic entities the Cylon’s who turned on them and disappeared for 40 years suddenly coming back and destroying their colonies and leaving a band of survivors behind to find a new home. You feel for the humans, all their loss and the tragic situation they are left in. The Cylon’s are interesting as well, they have the centurians and the human models, which as you might guess they are slowly revealed through out the series.
The show lasted I think the right amount of time, it did not drag itself out and I think overall it came to a satisfactory conclusion and one I think was rather smart a clever in a way. I would highly recommend this to anyone, it has something on offer for everyone even if sci-fi isn’t your thing. I struggle to think anyone disliking this show, it has so much to offer and you can easily re-watch it and enjoy it again.

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