Super Podcast: Special Edition – Post Oscar Show w/Bede Jermyn

Download HERE [Running Time: 00:54:47m]

Welcome to the Special Edition of the Super Podcast, the Post Oscar Show! I am joined with Super Podcast regular Bede Jermyn (aka Terror Australis) and we discuss the show, who won and who lost, surprises and how we faired with our picks!
  • Highlights Include:
  • Bede doesn’t want to gloat, but he does over Foreign Language Film winner.
  • What we thought of the Best Actress Win and The Blind Side
  • I am disappointed about Avatar picking up an award but missing out on two.
  • The jaw dropping surprise award going to something we did not expect.
  • The wins we felt were predictable, but did they deserve it?
  • And much, much more.

Of course you can find myself on twitter @SuperMarcey and Bede @BedeJermyn and you can send all comments, feedback and suggestions to

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