Super Podcast Ep 22 – I’ll Be Back: The Arnie Edition w/Will McCaskie

Download HERE [Running Time: 00:50:37m]

Welcome to Episode 22 of the Super Podcast, this is the ‘I’ll Be Back’ – The Arnie Edition, where the filmography of one of films great Action icons gets discussed! I am joined with my special guest the Scotsman Will McCaskie from the new awesome gaming website GamerRage. Will and I are huge Arnie fans, and we wanted to have a good ol’ discussion about the Austrian!

Highlights Include:

  • The cool names that Arnie’s characters seem to have.
  • Which two characters Will used to dress up as.
  • Surprise, surprise we liked the comedies he made.
  • Our thoughts on The Last Action Hero.
  • Which films are better the 80’s/early 90’s or the mid 90’s?
  • And yes there are impressions baby!
  • And much, much more!

I had a blast discussing Arnie with Will, and Arnie himself I am sure had fun cutting in on the conversation! I would like to thank Will for joining me, we have been planning for awhile to do a Podcast together and I am glad it finally worked out. You can catch Will on Twitter @The_Partys_Over and of course you can find me @SuperMarcey

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