Twilight: My Opinion

With New Moon out at the end of this week, all I am hearing about is Twilight. I am honestly so sick and tired of hearing about it. I honestly cannot understand the appeal of this and just how big it is. Now when another big thing was all the rage called Harry Potter, I based my judgment on just how annoying it was actually hearing about, not having actually read the book or anything. I did go and see the film and I was blown away, it was a great film and a fun ride. I enjoyed the characters and the story, so I went out and got the books and read them. They were actually really well written books, great character development and a lot of fun.

Now last year all I was hearing about was Twilight and fantastic the film was and how good the books were. So curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to go see the film and see what all the fuss was about. I had seen Catherine Hardwicke’s debut film Thirteen and thought that was excellent, so I thought yeah she could probably do this thing well. Robert Pattinson was great in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so I thought surely he’d do well in this.

Uhh yeah boy was I ever wrong? The film as a whole I think is a failure, at its core it is a romance between two that aren’t really supposed to be together. A vampire and a human, how hard is that to do? Apparently really difficult, because what I saw was a weak romance, zero chemistry between the characters and appalling acting. Robert Pattinson was awful as Edward, the first half of the film he looks like he is going to throw up, he can’t say anything convincingly and I couldn’t believe he wanted Bella, maybe to eat her but as his girlfriend, erm no. It was watching a terrible train wreck and it was so insanely unintentionally hilarious Twilight was easily one of the funniest films I saw in 2008.

Kristen Stewart was not any better, she had two facial expressions, mouth closed or mouth open and showing teeth. Her acting was slightly better then his, but she was just not convincing and her had more chemistry with Taylor Lautner as Jacob. I am sorry but Bella and Edward I did not feel it at all, they don’t have chemistry. There was no romance, it was forced and it was not at all convincing. I wanted there to be some kind of firey passion but there was none. I found the characters to be not very likable either, they just seemed like a bunch of morons.

Now I know I am not really the target audience but people my age love it, I can’t see it. Yes this is meant for tweens/teens, but I have seen films meant for that audience that easily shit all over this rubbish. Now when I first saw this film I was a bit more kinder towards it, however the more I thought about it, the more I found I did not like it at all. It wasn’t just issues with the main characters, the supporting ones were poor as well and their acting left a lot to be desired.

The vampire mythology is something that changes all the time, I don’t have a problem with that. Personally I like what they served up in Near Dark, it was torn down to the basics and I loved that. But what the hell happened here? No vampires burning in the sun? No instead when they hit sunlight they glitter, yes they glitter. Um why? It is awful and it translated even worse on film. It was quite possibly the dumbest and most hilarious thing I had seen for a long time! Sure they clearly wanted an excuse to allow them out in the day with no sun around, but this was just terrible. And don’t get me started on the tree climbing stuff, it was awful! Laughable, so unintentionally laughable, it was hard to watch at times. It made me cringe so much, not even The Office (UK) had my cringing that much. Oh and these vampires don’t have fangs, because they weren’t pussy enough, they had to make them even more pussier.

The vampires also looked hilarious, and in such a bad way. The Cullen Family, whoa, I haven’t seen vampires look that bad for a long time. The white hair, the eyes, it was terrible and silly! The only one who looked fine was Alice played by Ashley Greene and she looked hot in the baseball scene and that was the only thing decent about that scene. The badies weren’t all that bad, one of them looked stupid but they weren’t all that bad. Still needed improvement like everything else but not as bad.

After reading all this, and you haven’t seen Twilight you’d be wondering why in the heck people are so obsessed, and I am confused by it. Is it that all the girls think Pattinson is hot? I really don’t see the attraction, he’s alright looking but everytime I see him he looks high on drugs. There are other guys to obsess over I am sure. People want him and Kristen to be dating or not dating, they are on all the magazine covers. Kristen is boring, I don’t see the whole appeal honestly. Pictures of them maybe holding hands was like the talk of the day, who cares? The more people buy into this trash the more popular it is going to be, and it is a sad state of society when those two make headlines over real news.

Now to touch on the book, I tried to read it and it was terrible. Stephanie Meyer I am sorry love but you aren’t a good writer, when I can’t bare to read something, it has to be bad. After reading what happens in the future books I felt sick to my stomach. It sounds awful, and I can’t believe people like this. Sure we all have our own tastes and opinions but I honestly thought people in general had more sense. The more I read what happens, the more I can see Meyer is pushing her beliefs and hiding them in something like this. Now I am all for people expressing their beliefs but when you push them on people you can stay away from me and doing it like this is the same thing. And it is funny that people don’t see it either.

This is my opinion and I would like it to be respected. Fair enough if you like Twilight, like it all you want. I don’t like it, and I am sick of it. Hate on me for having an opinion which is different from your own, just goes to show what type of person you really are, ooooooo yeah!

Now if you want to see an actual good film with the target audience being teenagers, and it features teenage vampires and a love story and some awesome stuff, go watch The Lost Boys! If you want to see a vampire film where they will burn in the sunlight, it has romance and it has blood, go see Near Dark. These are two examples of vampire films done right, and they are actually good!


5 thoughts on “Twilight: My Opinion

  1. Fuck these movies! Teeny-bopper bullshit, and nothing more. Technically, the first movie isn't even good. It's mediocre at best. Story sucks, acting sucks. It all sucks. And yes, major pun intended here. So, this new moon sequel can go suck a big fat one. And. Marcey, that's just my opinion as well. I simply cannot fathom why people like these stupid movies.


  2. Hey Marcey,I agree with you 100%! But what is the belief that Stephanie Meyer is trying to push? I've not read the book so I don't know. Just curious.


  3. Here a piece from an article, I think you get the idea.'Meyers real life religious beliefs stopped her characters from having any fictional sex until they got married.'


  4. Hey Super Marcy, I understand what you think about the whole Twilight-Boom. As a bookworm I've read the book early because a good friend of mine liked it very much and so I wanted to see that's all the fuss about. First I thought that it was very romantic and exciting but after thinking a lot longer about it I realized that it's only a catch for 13 year old girls (or older ones that think in the way of 13-year-olds). Isn't that what every girl dreams about? This great guy which fells absolutely in love with the girl next door… I think that's the reason why so many girls love the books. Why the films are so popular I can't understand but… different opinions make the world go round 🙂


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